We Are Really Good

Front End Developers with an eye for the little things

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Why Really Good?

  • Experience & Passion

    Shahar & Ronny have been together since 2001 when IE6 was just released, and we're here for the long haul.

  • Continuous Learning

    Keeping up with the Web is easier than catching up, and we're always learning and expanding our knowledge.

  • Attention to Detail

    Our workflow checklists help everyone consider the edge cases and details from the get-go. In the end, our clients keep getting confused whether they look at specs or the working thing.

  • Part of the Team

    We believe in communication and close collaboration throughout a project's life. Awesome Web experiences are not created in assembly lines, but through discussions and team work.

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The Team

The Founding Team

Coffee enthusiast, gamer in soul, enjoys good cinema and listening to Dream Theater.

Husband and a father of two, lives on chocolate. Plays the bass guitar, enjoys reading books and listening to RHCP.


  • Web Standards

    Would you like to install our SilverLight plugin? Just kidding, we're fans of the Open Web and use the latest standards to build future-thinking apps.

  • Mobile Web

    We create responsive websites and mobile Web Apps that are not only useful but enjoyable on any device. It's exciting to build interfaces users carry around in their pockets, let alone on their home-screens.

  • Large-Scale Apps

    The Apps we've built are being used daily by millions of users around the world. We understand the challenges in security, architecture and maintainability of large applications, and are confident in our ability to tackle them.

  • Fearless Approach

    We can handle most tech stacks; throwing around every buzz word and hip framework in the book is a waste of time, as we adapt and learn the best tools for the job at hand.